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Phi Phi Islands Yacht Charter

Charter a yacht or private speed boat from Krabi to Phi Phi Islands. Phi Phi Islands private charter destination.

Koh Tao island is composed of 21 km of rocks and coconut trees, surrounded by shallow beaches. Its coastline provides a breathtaking panorama when sailing around the island. The island is located 45 km north of Samui and 40 km east of the mainland’s Chumphon. On Koh Tao’s west coast, you’ll find the main town, where most of the local population lives.

“The Divers Temple” and “The Jewel of The Sea” are just some of the names used to describe Koh Tao. Koh Tao is a stunning natural work of art, located only a short boat ride from Krabi for one day trip or you can choose 2 or more days charter by sailing yacht or catamaran. Come join us for a cruise to this wondrous location.

Surrounded by azure seas, this small tropical island is encircled by miles of coral reefs and undersea pinnacles. We’ll take you where snorkelers and divers can swim amidst schools of brightly hued tropical reef fish and occasionally see some large, deep-water marine life, including harmless manta rays and whale sharks.

Koh Tao Island is considered amongst the best diving and snorkeling locations in the Gulf of Thailand. Our guides will escort you to the best locations for spotting undersea fish and flora. Additionally, we can offer you complete sets of scuba diving gear and a trained, skilled diving guide. Snorkeling, scuba diving or simply basking in the sun of Koh Tao is a fantasy come true.

Your tour ride is a comfortable speedboat or yacht that will take you to the first stop of your adventure, Koh Tao. Here you descend into the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand and meet the many inhabitants of its sea world.

Koh Tao is undoubtedly the best place for diving in Thailand. A mask with a snorkel will allow you( optionally you can do diving) to admire the diversity of corals and the multi-colored fish that dart to and fro close by. After this adventure under the sea, we will take you to Koh Tao island to the restaurant with traditional Thai food and fresh fruit.

After lunch, we will arrive in the Koh Nang Yuan islands. Koh Nang Yuan is three islands connected by 50 m wide of sandy beach. The coastal waters of Koh Nang Yuan are so clear that you can see fish schools passing at considerable depth right from the pier. You can rest on the white-sanded beach of Koh Nang Yuan you can ascend to the viewpoint that offers amazing views over the islands.

Fans of the underwater world will have a chance to visit the most beautiful diving sites in Thailand called Japanese garden paradise. You will admire its inhabitants with the help of a mask and a snorkel( optionally do diving). You will see the diverse types of corals, sergeant fish, and grouper fish. And you might get lucky and meet the symbol of Koh Tao, the legendary sea turtle. Back on the beach you have.

The time to rest and suntan before returning to Krabi where a comfortable car or minibus is waiting to take you back to the hotel. Your adventure cruise with joining us in this incredible place will bring out memories of your holiday for many years to come!

Phi Phi Islands
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